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Nov. 14th, 2006 is the first application, supported by Plan-B™ technology.

Melrose, MA - Nov. 14, 2006, Conficio, has announced the public beta phase of its Plan-B™ for support service. This service allows anyone, especially non technical users, to find answers to their questions quickly and to understand the documentation effortless. Plan-B™ is a new technology that documents software with short videos (screencasts) and offers smart search technology for improved indexing.

Jun. 21th, 2004

Melrose, June 16th, 2004, Conficio released today version 2.1 of its Plan-B player. Conficio's Plan-B is the next generation of knowledge transfer tools for tech-support organizations. It replaces lists of frequently asked questions and written answers by screencast technology, optimized for delivery over the Internet. The new player, release 2.1, has improved readability, increased performance and a list of smaller bug fixes.

Plan-B screencasts are screen recordings of the use of PC applications supplemented with callout bubbles explaining the action. These screencasts are played on the user's screen, next to the live application, making comparison and learning simple. The screencasts are served using any standard web-server and played using any Java™ enabled web browser. This specialized screencast technology allows comfortable playback over a 56k dial-up Internet connection.

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ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo Plan-B for Accountants

Conficio offers Plan-B for Accountants - the smart answer to questions about QuickBooks® or other financial software. Many accountants provide comprehensive services to their clients using QuickBooks. This often includes technical support over the phone or in person. We help Accountants to save time and money, by delivering the answers to frequently asked questions over the Internet.

Small Business owners use QuickBooks because it is easy to learn and has a wide range of functions. Often accountants recommend the package and do the setup and initial training for their clients. However, technical support is not what an accountant is paid for. There are many software functions that are not used on a daily basis. When they are needed, whom better to call then the accountant who trained the small business owner? From an accountant's standpoint these requests are frequent and repetitive. Plan-B for accountants is the smart answer to those frequently asked questions.

ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo Custom Plan-B screencast Development

Plan-B technolgy has broad applications. We work with software publishers to improve their technical support offerings and help them save money at the same time. Plan-B is ideal to answer the most frequently asked questions right from the support website, and keep the phone lines open for more complex questions.

PC users are often frustrated with overloaded support organizations, that keep them on hold for a long time. Plan-B is self serving and explains software better than written instructions or tech-support over the phone.

Especially large corporations with extensive Intranets do replace the famous Word® documents with screenshots with Plan-B screencasts.

ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo Plan-B Screencast Installation

As an added service, Conficio employees can install Plan-B screencasts on your website. We work with your web-designer to achieve the best results possible.

This service includes:

There is a $25 charge per screencast with a minimum of $100 for each project.

ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo Software Quality Consulting

Can you afford to run projects that do not deliver on time and on budget? Conficio is here to help your software projects succeed. The three most common reasons for failure are:

If you are looking for help, you have come to the right place. We can give you an independent assessment of your project's health and train your team for success. Put us to the test. Contact us with your concerns and let us know how we can help you to succeed.

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