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Mar. 18th, 2004

Ramon Ray, a technology evangelist at, recently interviewed Kaj Kandler. On March 18th, 2004, his report appeared in his technology news column for small businesses. Ramon did focus on our Plan-B screencasts and how they can help accountants to concentrate on accounting, instead of being technical support for their clients using QuickBooks®, etc. If you are interested what he has to say, read his full article about Ramon's visit to Boston. is a technology news resource for small businesses.
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ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo Accountant or Technical Support?

As an accountant you know, how many small businesses use QuickBooks® by Intuit to do their bookkeeping. You may even endorse the product and set up the software for your clients. Where do these clients turn, when they have a question about the software? They call you, their accountant! Suddenly your company finds itself in the technical support business instead of answering questions about bookkeeping and paying taxes.

Typically, 80% of all calls about QuickBooks, cover the same 20% of questions. It costs you a lot of time and money to answer software questions over the phone. Especially, if the same questions come up again and again. In addition, it is no fun to guide someone on the phone through menus, screens, buttons, and pop-up messages. We offer Plan-B for accountants as the smart answer to the most frequently asked questions. Plan-B screencasts answer your clients' questions from your website. This saves you time and gets the repetitive part of technical support out of your daily routine.

ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo What can Plan-B do for you?

If your office answers five (or more) questions per week about QuickBooks, then Plan-B will save you money fast. Four out of five questions (=80%) are repetitive. On average, it takes 12 minutes to answer a typical technical support question. You can gain 48 minutes a week for more productive purposes, if you let your website answer the questions for you. At a billing rate of $75/hour, this is a saving of $3,000 per year. An investment of only $1,000 in a small library of eight Plan-B screencasts will make you a profit after only 4 month. Your return on investment is 300%.

Plan-B is ideal for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Plan-B is a unique service and demonstrates your superior QuickBooks support. We produce each Plan-B screencast for you, so it answers exactly the question your clients ask often. You supply the questions and the answers! Producing the Plan-B screencasts is our part. We even brand each screencast with your company logoto differentiate your practice from the competition and strengthen your corporate identity at the same time.

You do not have to be a web wizard to add Plan-B to your website. This technology integrates into any HTML page and it works with every web server. All you need, is a web page and to follow a few easy steps in order to integrate a Plan-B screencast to your pages. We send you easy to read installation instructions with every purchase.

Watch our demo, featuring QuickBooks® and see why your clients will love this service. Now take advantage of our special offer and save even more on Plan-B screencasts. Save time, save money and attract clients. Here is how to order Plan-B.

P.S.: If your clients use Mind Your Own Business (MYOB®) or other software, Plan-B is still available to you. We own the technology, which allows us to produce screencasts from any software that your clients ask you about.

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