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Jun. 21st, 2004

Melrose, June 16th, 2004, Conficio released today version 2.1 of its Plan-B player. Conficio's Plan-B is the next generation of knowledge transfer tools for tech-support organizations. It replaces lists of frequently asked questions and written answers by screencast technology, optimized for delivery over the Internet. The new player, release 2.1, has improved readability, increased performance and a list of smaller bug fixes.

Plan-B screencasts are screen recordings of the use of PC applications supplemented with callout bubbles explaining the action. These screencasts are played on the user's screen, next to the live application, making comparison and learning simple. The screencasts are served using any standard web-server and played using any Java™ enabled web browser. This specialized screencast technology allows comfortable playback over a 56k dial-up Internet connection.

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For a limited time, Conficio offers Plan-B screencasts teaching standard software such as QuickBook® or MYOB™ for $75. this is a $50 savings over the regular price of $125. Order before this offer ends!

Plan-B is a smart investment in your customer service. An investment of only $1,000 in a small library of eight Plan-B screencasts, answering your clients' most frequently asked questions, will make you money in 4 month. On average it takes 12 minutes to answer a typical technical support question. If you let Plan-B answer for you 4 questions a week, you gain 48 minutes for more productive purposes. At a billing rate of $75/hour, this is a saving of $3,000 per year. Your return on investment is 300%.

This offer ends 30th of September 2004.