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June 9th, 2006

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Melrose, June 9th, 2006, Kaj Kandler, the founder of Conficio will present in June at the Network@TheLibrary in Winchester, MA. His topic will be "Using the Web to Generate Interest in Your Business: Part II, Blogs and Forums"

"Using the Web to Generate Interest in Your Business: Part II, Blogs and Forums"

Time: Tuesday, June 20th 2006, 10 - 11:30 a.m.

Location: Winchester Library, 80 Washington Street, Winchester, MA.

Kaj Kandler, founder of Conficio, will focus on how entrepreneurs and small businesses can use the Internet effectively to promote their business. In this follow-up to his November session, Kaj will talk about how to use blogs and forums to generate interest in your business. (You don't need to have attended his previous session or have advanced computer knowledge to benefit from this presentation.)

Network @ The Library is open to all, especially entrepreneurs, consultants and others who are self-employed, providing them with an opportunity to meet others like themselves, talk about common problems, and learn about solutions and resources. For more information, visit call the Reference Desk at 781-721-7171 ext. 20, or e-mail Janet Nelson at

Conficio develops animated software manuals for business applications. Animated software manuals enhance training and support for avarage users of PCs. Conficio's manuals are rich in screencasts, demonstrating functionality instead of describing it with words.

About Conficio

Conficio, founded in 2002, is a consultancy practice focused on software quality assurance. It provides services to software development organizations to improve efficiency of support and help desk operations. Conficio further helps its customers to create better documented products and to gain competitive advantage through more satisfied customers.

The Melrose, MA based company publishes animated software manualss , web based software documentation consisting mainly of screencasts Screencasts are annotated recordings of the computer screen, designed to teach software over the Internet as self serving training.

Learn more about Conficio and its Plan-B™ animated software manual solutions at or call +1 (781) 632 5773.

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