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Kaj Kandler
+1 (781) 632 5773

Feb. 20th, 2004

ornamental red diamond, element of the conficio logo Plan-B Player 2.0 Released

Melrose, Feb. 20th, 2004, Conficio released the second generation of its Plan-B player and Plan-B technology. This technology, allows the demonstration of PC software anywhere, anytime. It records the use of a PC application into an optimized highly compressed streaming video format. The screencast can be edited and annotated with callout bubbles. The screencasts are served using standard web-servers and played using any Java™ enabled web browser.

Kaj Kandler, the founder of Conficio remarks "most software publishers struggle, with support costs for their applications." He adds "users are frustrated with the on line help files provided and the web based support offered by many publishers." Plan-B addresses the need for high quality support that is easy to understand and cost effective. Many PC users have difficulty utilizing written documentation or support articles from knowledge bases. They do not understand the expert language used to describe the artifacts of the software. They also struggle to translate written step-by-step instructions into windows, menus, clicks and fields on the screen. Screencasts are the answer to these barriers.

Conficio's simple but powerful Plan-B technology brings short teaching screencasts to end users over the Internet at minimal cost. The screencasts are cost efficient to produce, as recording and editing is simple. They are also cost efficient to serve to customers. No specialized hardware or software is needed to serve the screencasts and no proprietary browser plug-in needs to be installed on the user's PC. A 56K dial-up connection is sufficient to play the screencast.

About Conficio

Conficio, founded in 2002, is a consultancy practice focused on the full life cycle of software applications and the organizations creating them. It provides services to software development organizations to improve the development process and the end user experience.

The Melrose, MA based company publishes streaming videos to demonstrate software applications over the Internet. It uses its proprietary Plan-B technology™ to deliver its screencasts over low bandwidth 56K modem lines.

Learn more about Conficio and its Plan-B™ solutions at or call +1 (781) 632 5773.

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